Culture in Birmingham – Dance

With a massive range of dance groups and venues, Birmingham has some of the latest and greatest when it comes to dance. Take a step into the city and experience all types of dance from all cultures – you’ll be blown away by what you see!

The UK’s premiere touring ballet company takes centre stage in Birmingham as the Birmingham Royal Ballet makes the Birmingham Hippodrome its home. Throughout the year, this Ballet Company perform a range of traditional, classical and heritage ballets across the country, as well as in Birmingham. Choosing the Birmingham Hippodrome as its base ever since 1990, these 60 dancers astound audiences with every performance, gaining a large local, regional, national and international fanbase!

For those who prefer dance with a bit more pop, DanceXchange is The Birmingham Hippodrome and Birmingham Royal Ballet’s more modern partner. This dance house is dedicated to bringing the excitement of dance to the public and, described as ‘a power house of dance’, it is clear that it does just that! After previous critical success, their current programme promises all sorts of performances ranging from Flamenco to hip-hop! And, if that’s not enough, you can even pop in for a quick dance class too!

To get a quick injection of Asian culture, Sampad is a fantastic agency that is based in Birmingham who strives to promote the beauty of southern Asian art. Their programme is eclectic, showcasing a variety of Asian cultures through dance, drama, music and art. Check out their programme for more information.

Although only occurring once every two years, the International Dance Festival Birmingham is a major highlight for those who love to dance! The festival brings a hoard of world class performances in theatres across Birmingham and the West Midlands. Recognised as one of the largest dance festivals in the world, the IDFB provides a unique combination of diversity, showcasing exceptional and beautiful dances from across the globe; collaborating with international choreographers and artists, creating performances that everyone will enjoy!