Culture in Birmingham – Film

As with all major cities, Birmingham is not short of cinemas – the city centre has a Cineworld and an Odeon, as well as many more popular cinemas situated on the outskirts.

However, for those looking for a unique film experience, Birmingham’s lesser known cinemas are an absolute must! The Electric Cinema is the UK’s oldest cinema and offers an intimate and memorable film experience. Opening its doors since 1909, the cinema definitely doesn’t lack luxury; its waiter service, bar and private sofa-seating areas all ensure that the next 2 hours of your life are full of comfort and enjoyment. Screening classic favourites, beautiful foreign films and all the new must-see blockbusters, The Electric Cinema will leave you wishing that all cinemas were like this. Check out their programme to see the latest screenings and to book tickets online.

The Mockingbird Theatre is a secret haunt in The Custard Factory where film/theatre can shine. Like its surroundings, this film space aims to inspire the next generation of directors, actors and producers through its programme of live events and unconventional cinema screenings. With only 101 seats, The Mockingbird Theatre is an intimate environment where film, music and drama all take a stand… plus the café and bar has its own bit of drama, stocking a wide variety of unusual beers, ales and liquors.

For film fanatics, Birmingham isn’t short of a film festival or two. The Brindleyplace Outdoor Film Festival is one of Birmingham’s calendar highlights and one that many flock to again and again. The festival, over the month of July, is an outdoor cinema event that screens Birmingham’s favourite films… literally, festival-goers vote on which film to watch. Beanbags, blankets and popcorn are supplied to all and the event is free – what better way to spend those cool summer nights than snuggling under a blanket watching a film?

The Flatpack Film Festival is a bit more serious – just take your pick from one of the many events that occur at venues all around Birmingham through March. The festival offers screenings, talks and events that revolve around all aspects of cinematography – learn everything you can about favourite film genres such as animation, documentary, family-friendly and shorts, as well as many others. Some of the events are free while there is a Flatpass available to buy for those who want to get in as much of the festival as possible!